World’s top 10 seafood restaurants

From gourmet restaurants to beach-side cafes, our list features all types of seafood joints that are renowned for their stellar fish dishes. Each of these restaurants specializes in seafood. From appetizers, finger food, stews, soups, entrees and snacks, the sheer variety of seafood available on their menus is astounding. Not to mention the many different ways they’ve found to cook it. These institutions don’t just make seafood, they are passionate about it and it shows in the dishes that they put together. 
Come, let’s have a look at some of the best seafood restaurants from around the world and their special creations. 
Burton Bradstock, England. 
In the Southwest region of England lies the coastal county Dorset. The seaside restaurants in Dorset are known to serve some of the most scrumptious seafood dishes. One such restaurant, located on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, is The Hive Beach Cafe. This restaurant is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike due to the freshness of the seafood that they offer. Each of their seafood offering is worth trying. But if we had choose to one then it would have to be their delightful ‘crab sandwich’ as most of the restaurant’s patrons rave about it. It is, supposedly, to die for.

Copenhagen, Denmark. 
The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, used to be a fishing village many centuries ago. Over the years, the city grew and evolved. One thing remained the same though, the city’s love for fresh fish and seafood. Since seafood enjoys such popularity here, quite a few restaurants in the city offer a variety of delicious seafood dishes. Budget and time allowing, being true seafoodies, we would like to visit as many seafood restaurants in this city as we possible. Our pick is KodbyensFiskebar. This ‘fish bar’ has an extensive seafood menu, which includes trout, bleak roe, mackerel, scallops, oysters, squid, monkfish, hake, cod and more. Most believe their standout dish to be the ‘blue Limfjorden mussels steamed in apple cider with plenty of herbs.’We are more than willing to give it a try.

Melbourne, Australia. 
Most of the Southern Hemisphere is covered by water and these waters provide the countries of this region with a variety of seafood. Bacash is a restaurant in Melbourne that celebrates this abundance of seafood that Australia enjoys. The restaurant is particular about the quality of produce they use and this reflects in each of the scintillating dishes that they create. The dish that they are famous for is the ‘Lebanese Style Snapper Fillet’, which is cooked in a way that brings forth inherent flavours of the fish.

Oslo, Norway. 
Fiskeriet is a seafood restaurant that doubles as a seafood shop. The local fish market was converted into a restaurant in 2010 however they continued to use a part of it to sell raw produce. This gives this place a special charm. The reason it makes it to our list though is for its ‘fish and chips’. Yes, you read that right, fish and chips. In addition to making some seriously yummy bacalao and a salmon burger, this Nordic seafood restaurant also is known for having perfected the art of cooking Britain’sfavourite fish dish.Definitely worth checking out, right?

Venice, Italy 
Venice, the city of romance also happens to be the city of restaurants. AlleTestiere is one of the impressive Venetian restaurants that take their seafood seriously. Whether it’s the ‘fish, crustacean and mollusk soup’ or ‘scallops with orange and cervere leeks’ the attention to detail is visible in each dish. The ‘smoked ricotta ravioli with prawns and curry’ is what most people recommend‘cause,“it’s simply delizioso!”

This Michelin-starred restaurant is well known for its award-winning seafood dishes. Ranked 24 on The World’s Best Restaurants list, Le Bernardin enjoys an iconic status in New York. From sophisticated to simple, the restaurant offers a wide range of seafood delicacies. The ‘poached halibut; manila clams’ deserves a special mention as it is considered to be an unforgettable foodie experience.

Lima, Peru. 
The star dish of Peruvian cuisine is ceviche which is made of citrus-marinated raw fish. A restaurant that is known for doing this dish well is La Mar in Lima. It offers different varieties of ceviche made of fish and other seafood, each one tastes different and packs a flavour punch. Besides ceviche, La Mar serves a lot of impeccably cooked seafood treats each stunning in its own right. No wonder, this seafood restaurant ranks 12th on The World’s Best Restaurants list. 

Tokyo, Japan. 
No seafood restaurant list would be complete without Jiro on it. A Tokyo restaurant serving some of the world’s most acclaimed sushi. This restaurant enjoys a following unlike any other. The food is expensive but the freshness of the fish makes it worth the price. If you are ever in the mood for treating yourself to a grand sushi experience then this is the place to visit. There’s even an interesting documentary that’s been made on this sushi bar’s owner-chef called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Watch it to get an idea of what this restaurant and its famed sushi is all about. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
Dubrovnik has the appeal of an old town – pebbled streets, cafes, old churches, winding alleys and even some palaces. This city on the Adriatic Sea coast, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a major tourist destination with a thriving restaurant scene. The restaurant that always catches the fancy of seafood aficionados in this seaport town is Proto. The popular choice at this restaurant is the heavenly tasting ‘fisherman’s soup en tasse’ and the exquisite‘stuffed gratinated lobster “PONTA OŠTRA” (risotto with wild rice, truffles and mushrooms.)’

Brussels, Belgium. 
When in Brussels, you got to eat mussels. And, the place with the best mussels is Chez Leon. Traditionally Belgians have mussels with French fries and beer. This dish is known as ‘moules frites’. Chez Leon is everyone’s favourite joint for this classic Belgian dish. We’ve heard that their mussels are succulent and fresh; arguably the best mussels one will ever have.

For those that love to travel and those that love their seafood, these restaurants are a must-visit and their seafood treats are a must-try. Don’t take our word for it. Try them out and share your experience with us. Also, if you’ve visited some awesome seafood restaurants then do share the details with us. We would like to add them to our bucket list 🙂  
– The Fishvish Team
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