Top 20: Fish Puns

We keep herring some really funny fish puns and jokes at Fishvish. We thought it would be shellfish of us to not share them with you. So, here goes:

1. In cod we trust.

2. What made the octopus laugh: ten-tickles.

3. Catfish are not lean fish ‘cause they don’t have any scales.

4. What are fish that act in movies called: starfish.

5. Seafood can be good for the mussels.

6. The octopus is able to defend itself successfully against predators because it is well-armed.

7. Schooling helps fish get ahead in life.

8. We fill-et necessary to inform you that more such fish puns are coming your way.

9. Let minnow if you enjoyed your seafood.
10. Keep clam and eat seafood.

11. Freshness of seafood is not a matter to be taken trevally.

12. Which is the most expensive fish: goldfish.
13. What are fish that engage in organised crime called: lobsters.
14. A comforting fish broth is sole soup.

15. Fishvish’s new range of seafood is just fin-tastic.
16. What is a shy fish called: koi.

17. Did you know that fish love to read comics. Their favourite comic book character is, of course, Captain Haddock. 
Hehe. Just squidding!

18. If you feel that you can create bait-er fish puns then we invite you to give it a try and share them with us here.

19. Take your time coming up with such puns. Mullet over it and it will come to you.
To wrap up this post here’s one from the master of wordplay himself, Douglas Adams, “You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass.”
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Punningly yours- Fishvish team
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Image Credit: In cod we trust
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Image Credit: Seafood can be good for the mussels
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Image Credit: Let minnow if you enjoyed your seafood
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Image Credit: Take your time coming up with such puns

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