15 Tell-Tale Signs You Are a Seafood Lover

You enjoy your seafood but would you call yourself a seafood enthusiast? Well, if these traits apply to you then you may consider yourself a true blue seafood lover!
1. You proudly refer to yourself not just as a foodie but as a ‘seafoodie’.

2. When it’s vacation time, you invariably choose a coastal place as your holiday destination so you can gorge on a variety of scrumptious seafood.

Malabar Mathi Curry. A reason enough to visit Kerala, God’s own country.
3. No meal is complete without some condiments. In your case, no meal is complete unless there’s prawn, fish or some other seafood pickle to spice it up.
Eral Urugai, Prawn Pickle. A great way to enjoy a little bit of seafood with every meal.
4. When you see a seafood dish on a television show, in a movie, read about it in a book or hear it mentioned in a song, you feel like you must have some of that seafood goodness soon.
Seafood gives you that ‘gotta have it’ feeling.
5. Your joy of seafood includes not only eating delectable seafood dishes but also scouting for the best raw produce. A wide variety of fresh seafood produce is a treat for your eyes! 
Looking out for the best quality seafood is one of your favourite things to do.
6. The alarm bells begin to ring your head a little before you’re actually out of your seafood stock at home.
Stock up!
7. The seafood experience is a multi-sensory one for you. The sound of fish sizzling on a frying pan has you drooling in anticipation of that dish.
An appetising sound.
8. When you come across a new seafood recipe, you know you have to try recreating it in your kitchen.
The joy of cooking seafood.
9. A true celebration calls for a meal that features at least a couple of seafood delicacies.
 Seafood is a treat worthy of a special occasion.
10. Grilling, broiling, baking, sautéing, poaching, stir-frying, you are always looking for new methods to cook your seafood.
Looking for different techniques that bring out the flavours of your seafood best.
11. The buffet that’s a hit with you is one which offers a variety of seafood specialties.
A seafood spread is a true delight.
12. A hearty seafood soup is your favourite recipe for a rainy day.
Fish broth, the ultimate comfort food.
13. “Where do you buy your fish?” is more often than not your goto question when you want to strike up a conversation.
Seafood, a conversation starter.
14. When you hear of a new seafood joint opening in your town you know that you are gonna be one of the first to sample their food.
Your reaction when you hear about that new seafood restaurant. 

15. You know your seafood well and are eager to share your knowledge with others so they too can enjoy the seafood experience to the fullest. Of course, you will never give away all your seafood secrets. 

Where seafood is concerned you can tell fact from fiction.
If you think there are some other attributes that are peculiar to seafood aficionados then do share them with us and we’ll add them to this list. We’re always happy to hear from fellow seafoodies 🙂 
– The Fishvish Team

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