10 Seafood recipes that you can make in under 20 minutes

Well, even though I love to spend time on a special meal, or even spend all day making a mess out of my kitchen, whipping up one creation after another, the reality is that these are just special occasions or holidays. But on regular days I find more and more value in the quick & delicious things in life. So I am always on the lookout for recipes that are easy to cook, quick, delicious and healthy. This is our repertoire of quick prep seafood recipes that will save you a lot of time. Well why seafood? Because it isn’t just nutritious and tasty, it also cooks up remarkably quickly. That makes it ideal for those harried nights when all you want is a flavorful fill of protein. These recipes will help you get delectable, quick and effortless food on the table in 20 minutes or less. So let’s get down to exploring…

I am not sure what encapsulates a perfect dinner for me, especially when I am cooking it! Is it something fresh? Maybe something grilled with an added bonus of it being on the table in less than 20 minutes? Paired well with a glass of appropriate wine and I’ll ready for an elegant gourmet dinner.
This recipe is fast, healthy, and bursting with flavor, making it the ideal weeknight meal. Do give this a go, all you need is to make sure is that you lay your hands on the freshest Salmon that you can find. 

I love prawns because they are so easy to cook. You can simply serve them in a zesty marinade or add them to soups, salads, noodles or pasta making them oh so versatile in the kitchen. This yummy spicy prawn recipe, a few beers and good friends will make for a relaxed Sunday get together. The overall combination of olive oil, chilli, garlic, paprika, lime, parsley, coriander and black pepper as a marinade works wonders. The prawns can also be cooked on a grill pan or on a barbecue. Save yourself from the cumbersome prawn cleaning routine and catch hold of some already cleaned and deveined prawns and cook up this recipe in a jiffy
Halibut is delicious baked, grilled, poached, or broiled. Again, it is an easy to cook firm white fish. And you know what’s better? Halibut takes a record breaking 7 minutes to cook. So make sure you save this recipe to make when the guests are over because it will literally blow them away. A well cooked flaky halibut goes a long way with this simple dressing and its super healthy too. Word of caution-Do not over-cook. Halibut can dry out very quickly! It is only tasty when it is flaky and just cooked through. So go, grab a couple of halibut steaks or fillets and some cilantro and let your kitchen staples do the rest of the work. A simple blend of flavors is all you need to try this recipe 

This rava fish fry recipe is quite deceptive. You see all that crust and think…well well… another crunchy fried fish recipe. But wait for that spicy flavor bomb to explode. It’s all hidden under that layer of rava aka semolina.  The fish is crispy from the exterior and succulent from within. The taste is tangy and spicy with a subtle flavor of the fish. You can use any firm flesh fish like Kingfish, Salmon, Mackerel or Pomfret for this recipe. You could make this recipe as a starter or a side dish or even accompaniment with meals. Serve it with a dash of lime and onion rings on the side. 

Craving for something deliciously spicy? This recipe is perfect for a super quick and hearty meal with steamed rice. The recipe calls for 10 minutes of prep time spent on cutting the onions, spring onions, ginger and chillis, removing the skin and cleaning the insides of the squid and mixing the sauce, followed by 5 minutes of cooking the ingredients over high heat on the stove. The thing to remember when cooking squid is that it needs to be cooked either hot-and-fast or low-and-slow to achieve that perfectly tender and not-chewy texture. And if you can get hold of cleaned and prepped squids that sure is a plus
A classic, easy seafood pasta made using Shrimp, Calamari, Fish and Mussels tossed with wine and other simple ingredients. Made properly, this seafood pasta is essentially dinner on the table in 20 minutes! You can add or substitute the type of seafood that you want to use in this recipe. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep it simple to keep the flavors intact. A very easy recipe, that gives the opportunity to serve up a tasty and complete meal to your family. Get yourself a mixed seafood goody bag or head to your refrigerator to check out your seafood options.
How can we miss the traditional British Beer battered fish and chips in this section? So what is the key to great fluffy, crispy batter that is light and full of flavor? Ice cold beer, a mixture of corn flour and normal flour, turmeric for golden color and a seasoning of your choice is all you need. Oh and let’s not forget the fish!!! You can use Halibut or Cod or any other fish that is firm will do. Serve them with chips (french fries) and tartar sauce. 
Check out the recipe that pulls together in a flash with a short grocery list to boot for that perfect entrée.

Crab Fried Rice is a much loved classic Thai dish, characterized by its delicate flavors. The crab is really the star of the show here, so a light touch is used when it comes to using sauces in this recipe. The cilantro, scallion, and lime combo adds the perfect fresh flavor. This recipe is best made with left over rice. All you need is to get yourself some crabmeat and cook up this flavor packed recipe. If you dream about a comfort food in a bowl, your search definitely ends here… A bowl of steaming hot crab fried rice and a good movie on the telly…weeknights are completely sorted

My lunchtime favorite, this is a typical Kerala traditional recipe which you can normally find in almost all Kerala restaurants and homes. The blend of ginger, turmeric and freshly ground black pepper and the chilli marinade give this simple fish fry its robust flavor. You can serve this as a fiery appetizer or as a side to any Indian meal that you are hosting. This recipe takes 15 minutes from start to finish provided your sardines are already cleaned. Check out the authentic recipe here

Well one of my favorite styles of cooking fish – fish fillets coated in delectable spices and pan friend to crisp golden brown perfection! A simple marinade that consists of lemon juice, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste and salt. It is a simple no fuss, flavor packed recipe to try at home. You can use King Fish for this recipe, but trust me it is absolutely delicious if use Cat Fish the same way. Serve the fish fry as a starter or along with some rice and dal as a main course. It can’t get more comforting than that.
Now that you have explored our repertoire of 20-minute seafood recipes, it’s time to stash the restaurant menus, turn on some music and prepare yourself for the easiest 20 minutes of cooking you’ve ever done. All you have to do is choose your favorite seafood…
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