Fried Seafood, The Call Of The Season

Its official, the rains are finally here and so starts the official frying season in our country. From the classic garma-garam pakodas and chai combination to the piping hot samosas, we all crave fthat something fried in this weather. While we instinctively reach out for our tried and tested monsoon nibbles, it may be fun to give these 8 interesting fried seafood recipes a shot, you never know, you may discover a new favourite.
In this seafood journey, you would also realise how a simple fish fry differs from region to region in our country in terms of cooking style and ingredients used. For example, In North India marinated fish is dunked into a spiced gram flour batter while frying, on the other hand South Indian fried fish recipes call for robust spice rubs minus the batter. Likewise in Western India fish fillets are coated in rice flour or semolina before frying and in East India, potato is mashed with fish in croquettes or fish is marinated with very subtle spices and then fried to perfection.
So give in to that craving and try these absolutely amazing seafood snacks on any rainy day. It may be a good idea to keep your seafood delivery service number handy, so that you can easily procure fish at all times.
Happy frying!!!

1. Macher Chop, Bengali Style Croquette- West Bengal
‘Macher Chop’ is a Bengali style fish croquette. To make a perfect chop you need to balance it with a binding element, dredge it with egg-wash and roll in breadcrumbs. and deep fry. What it will result in is a croquette which is soft on the inside with a crispy brown crust. When you break open the chop with your fingers, it will be piping hot but the sheer aroma of it will make hard for you to not bite into it instantly. Generally fish like Rohu or Bhetki is used to make a typical Bengali chop, whereas fish like Tuna and Basa with less bones can also be used. These fish croquettes are best served with some spicy Kasundi (Bengali style mustard sauce).

Recipe: Macher Chop 
2. Prawn Koliwada- Maharashtra 
Prawn Koliwada is a spicy fried prawn dish, relished as a starter in restaurants, can also be a star appetizer at your party. They say this dish has its origins in the Sion fishing village, or Koliwada in Mumbai and can be attributed to a North Indian immigrant from Punjab. These deep-fried, crunchy prawns can be identified by their signature red color because of the use of Kashmiri red chili powder. This batter fried tangy and spicy prawns can make your day. A perfect accompaniment with not only your chai but also with that chilled beer. Get hold of the freshest prawns to get the best taste and flavor out of this recipe. Alert! These spicy deep fried prawns are highly addictive.

3. Amritsari Fish Fry – Punjab
This is a North Indian delicacy. Its fish, its fried and its crispy – what’s not to love??? It is made with simple ingredients – but, the combination of all the things makes it a treat. The addition of carom seeds (ajwain) gives the fish its unique taste. You can use any firm fish to make these, Tilapia, Cod and Salmon work equally well. Boneless fillets of King Fish (Surmai) can also be used. So, all you need is some quality fish with white meat, preferably de-boned fillets and you are good to go. The recipe is simple and a must try and will surely make you drool. Dip in freshly made chutney and lose yourself to the crunch.

4. Chettinad Fish Fry – Tamil Nadu

Chettinad cuisine which hails from the southern state of Tamil Nadu is influenced by the Chettiar community which makes use of the Tamil Nadu’s non-vegetarian bounty. This cuisine is hot, pungent and packs a punch, but it is also flavorsome. This simple yet fiery fish fry boasts of very less ingredients and is very easy to make. Marinating is the key here, so bathe your fish in the masala for atleast 45 minutes for the best results. I love to deep fry the fish, but you can also shallow fry or pan fry it. You can make this fish fry with Kingfish or Pomfret . The end result is sure to arrest your taste buds.

5. Kerala Style Squid Fry- Kerala

The piquant and heavenly aroma of frying Squid with the chili paste is enough to make me drool. The blend of ginger, freshly made garam masala and freshly ground black pepper and the chilli marinade give this dish its robust flavor. The distinct aroma of the curry leaves used in this recipe is irreplaceable. The trick with Calamari is to flash fry it, that is cook it on a high heat for a very short time. This brings out its lovely texture. Overcooking it makes it rubbery.You can serve this as a fiery appetizer or as a side to any meal that you are hosting. To make it easy for you to cook this dish, get hold of ready to cook Squid Rings and you are then good to go. Check out the authentic recipe here

6. Goan Fish Recheado- Goa 

The word ‘recheado’ literally means stuffing in Portuguese. This tangy fish fry preparation beautifully demonstrates the Portuguese influence in Goa. A must find on any menu at Goa, whether you’re eating at a makeshift little hut or at an upscale fine dining place. The recheado stuffing or masala paste has a long list of ingredients. Each of them plays a vital role in bringing out the robust, spicy and lively flavors of Goan food. Not only does the masala coat the fish, but it is stuffed into it as well. The fish is then drenched in rice flour and fried to a crisp perfection. Make sure your fish is really fresh and if you don’t want to shallow fry, an open grill would be a fantastic alternative.

7. Machha Bhaja, Odia Style Fish Fry- Odisha

Those simple things are the ones that keep getting overlooked most of the times. This recipe is no exception.  If you are one of those who want to try cooking fish for the first time and are looking for something easy, then this is the one for you.  A staple in every Odia family, this fish fry with minimal ingredients promises flavors galore. The simple marinade consists of lemon juice, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, ginger garlic paste and salt. It is a simple no fuss, flavor packed recipe. You can use any fish of your choice for this preparation, the Odia favourite is Rohu.

Recipe: Machha Bhaja 

8. Rava Fish Fry, Semolina Crusted Fish Fry- Maharashtra

This rava fish fry is quite deceptive. You see all that crust and think…well well… another crunchy fried fish recipe. But wait for that spicy flavor bomb to explode. It’s all hidden under that layer of rava aka semolina.  The fish is crispy on the exterior and succulent within. The taste is tangy and spicy with a subtle flavor of the fish. You can use any firm flesh fish like Kingfish, Salmon, Mackerel or Pomfret for this recipe. You could make this recipe as a starter or a side dish. Serve it with a dash of lime and onion rings.

Recipe: Rawa Fish Fry

So, this monsoon let’s venture beyond the regular pakoras, samosas and kachoris onto these seafood snacks that are easy to make and so delectable that they’ll go on to become your all-time favorite monsoon munchies.

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