8 Amazing Facts About Your Favourite Seafood

Whether it’s a plateful of fish and chips or a delicious serving of salmon fillet cooked to perfection, seafood is one of the most commonly eaten foods around the world. Seafood is not just a food of choice for many, but in areas where agriculture is scarce, seafood is essential to survival for millions of people.
In spite of many ardent seafood lovers out there who swear by it, there are many facts that people don’t know about seafood. Presenting some interesting facts about seafood that are sure to amaze you.

  1. US Department of Health recommends eating at least two servings or 16 ounces (approximately 455 grams) of seafood a week

    Most Indians eat less than one serving of seafood per week. We not only need more; we should want more of this wonder food. Go get it!

  2. Sardines are power packed proteins

    The protein content in 100 grams of sardine fish gives you more protein than eating a steak of same weight! Now isn’t that wonderful.

  3. Crab meat has high amounts of vitamin B12

    Crab meat is your perfect dose of Vitamin B12 fights anemia and keeps the blood cells healthy. If you want to skip on taking additional supplements, crab meat is the way to go.

  4. Ahi Tuna can weigh up to 300 pounds

    The largest Ahi (more commonly known as Yellow Fin Tuna) has measured in at around 175 kilograms and there are some that swear to have caught larger fish!. Now that’s a whole lot of yummy.

  5. Milk and fish can give you a great flavor

    One of the lesser known ways to thaw fish is by using milk. Place frozen fish in milk and let it thaw in it. As a result, you will find your fish richer in color and taste.

  6. Soda and oysters can solve a lot of problems

    If you often find it troublesome to get oysters out of the shell, then you’ve got to try this little trick. Take some club soda and let the oysters soak in it for a few minutes. A little known secret that works every time.

  7. Fish can help fight high blood pressure

    Fishes are known to counter your sodium intake. When you consume a lot of sodium, it increases the risk for elevated blood pressure. Fish, on the other hand, actually helps you reduce some of the negative impact that your body is going through after consuming high amounts of sodium due to its high levels of potassium.

  8. Seafood > Beef+Pork+Chicken

    How so, you ask? Seafood contains 84 percent more protein than ground beef, 55 percent more protein than pork, and 14 percent more protein than chicken. Want to hear something better? Seafood has 12 times less fat than ground beef, eight times less fat than pork and three times less fat than chicken.

We’ll keep bringing you more such facts. In the meanwhile, cook some delicious seafood and surprise people with these fun facts over a dinner conversation!

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