10 Guest Appearances By Seafood In Popular TV Shows That A Seafood Lover Will Enjoy

At some point of time, we’ve all been ‘hooked’! Remember binging on your favourite TV show till the wee hours of the morning? 
Anyone who’s ever followed a TV series religiously would know what it feels like to step in and out of the reel life. In reality, you look for your most loved characters in people around you and start taking inspiration from occurrences in the shows. We have all been there, coveting the dresses that Donna flaunts in ‘Suits’, hoping we had deduction skills like Sherlock Holmes so we could find our keys, and desperately wishing that one day Monica invites us to thanksgiving dinner with her ‘Friends.’
Speaking of meals, food plays an important role in many of our beloved TV shows. And since we love seafood, it are these references that we thoroughly enjoy. We are sharing ten such seafood references in TV shows that will leave you craving for both the show and the seafood. Consider yourself warned 🙂
1. Friends – Ross’s dinner with Dr. Green and the Lobster

Remember when Rachel takes her father and Ross out for dinner and they end up ordering a lobster? Dr. Green sure made fun of Ross for not being fond of lobsters. Jokes aside, lobsters are nothing short of delicious!

2. 2 Broke Girls – Not just the rich girl’s Sushi

Caroline and Max finally get their hands on some cash. To celebrate, Caroline takes Max out for her first ever Sushi meal. Max gets to taste some exquisite fish and we could totally relate to the happiness on her face after that.
3. Game of Thrones – Almond and herbs Crusted Fish At The King’s Landing Feast

The ‘almond and herbs crusted fish’ seems like a royal delicacy as it often features in feasts thrown by kings. The grandeur reflected in every detail including the lavish seafood rich feast is a sight to behold. Imagine dining with Cersei. Much to drool over eh! 
4. Boston Legal – Gone Fishing

Denny takes Alan on a fishing trip to help him get over his breakup. Alan, a novice catches fish quite effortlessly leaving Denny pretty distraught. We can’t help but rejoice in Alan’s victory and wonder about all the ways the fish could be cooked.

5. How I Met your mother –Oysters and shellfish

Ted takes a girl out on a date and orders oysters for dinner. The girl suggests that they share the oysters and Ted ends up joking, “Because if you didn’t, that would be shellfish!” Well, it’s true then, seafood does bring the best out of people. 
6. Breaking Bad: Gus Fring’s Chilean Fish Stew

‘Gus’, the drug lord in disguise, prepares a traditional Chilean seafood soup for Walter White and explains to him the actual origin behind this Chilean dish. It made us reach for the recipe right away.

7. Seinfeld -The Kosher Lobster

George stuffs scrambled eggs into lobsters and feeds them to Jerry’s Jewish girlfriend Rachel as revenge. However, it seems like a really innovative idea worth trying out.

8. The Big Bang Theory –Sheldon’s Shrimps

Sheldon, being Sheldon is walking around eating shrimps and is wondering if there is any logical order to eat them since they are all of the same size. Somebody has got to tell him to try eating them all at the same time! 
9. Simpsons -The Frying Dutchman

A fictionally famous restaurant named ‘The Frying Dutchman’ features in Simpsons that serves so much seafood that there is no item on the menu that does not include seafood, even items that should normally not, such as the bread. Now isn’t that a fantabulous idea!
10. Suits –Shrimp Tacos and Oysters

It’s all about style here! Jessica takes Mike out for dinner and oh, so luscious a sight is this Canadian delicacy served in an ultra-chic restaurant – the shrimp tacos and oysters paired with hand-made linguine. Seafood’s all about the class after all!
Which is your favorite seafood reference in a television show? Let us know in the comments section. And if you are craving for some seafood delights then you can order them fresh here.

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