‘Sea’ Food Differently: Benefits of Seafood

A major chunk of the world population has included seafood as a staple diet in a number of cuisines. One of the most important reasons why seafood keeps soaring in terms of popularity is the high nutritional value of seafood.

Since we come across a lot of seafood lovers in Pune, we decided to shed some light on the benefits of seafood – a good read for the health conscious seafood lover. Let us dig into the finger-licking palate, mentioned below that elaborates of the five healthiest seafood easily available and brought home to your doorstep, really fresh – Fishvish to be precise!

1. Crab:
If there is any tender and fleshy seafood that gives a multitude of minerals and proteins yet, a minimum amount of calories, it has to be the crab. Crabs are rich in chromium, which helps insulin to metabolize sugar leading to lowered blood glucose levels. It also has selenium that helps the body prevent and fight against cancer while its omega 3 fatty acids go a long way in making the blood flow easy.

2. Lobster:
If a butter dripping lobster makes you salivate, rest assured you’re not the only one. We won’t be surprised if you’re craving lobsters right now. Lobsters is much like an addiction. The mere thought of it can make your mouth water. A single helping of this splendidly-built, shell delicacy provides zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin B-12, and a modest 135 calories per 150 gms of lobster meat. The minerals obtained from this wonder-food, keep the production of red blood cells active, facilitate bone growth and strengthen immunity.

3. Red Snapper:
Broil it with herbs, make fish soup or try it pan-seared; the Red Snapper will always give the best taste and health benefits — in any form. Being low in calorie content and high on protein, it is the ‘ideal food’ for the diet conscious. Also, it helps in lowering risk for heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and osteoarthritis. Dip into regular servings of Red Snapper to gain 44% of the average daily intake of proteins.

Seafood comes packed with benefits and frozen seafood ensures a good taste. Stay tuned to read more about seafood and everything about it. In the meanwhile, if you are craving lobsters, simply visit www.fishvish.com to have it delivered at your doorstep.

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