6 Awesome Fish Curries from across India

Doused in rich Indian gravy, fleshy chunks spiced up with irresistible aromas make for luscious cuisines in form of fish curries. The diverse cooking styles in the country has only added to the flavours of seafood.

With different styles of cooking and a huge coastline, India is home to some of the most delicious curries that you’ll ever find. The large assortment of ‘gravy-licious’ cuisines comes from a variety of fish like King Fish, White Snapper, Pomfret and Indian Mackerel to name a few. In the hands of an able cook, these jewels from different parts of India make for delectable curries –

Goan Fish Curry: Apart from the notoriety that Goa boasts of, this land of sun and sand also brings you some amazing seafood delicacies. The Goan fish curry prepared with red chillies, tamarind and freshly made coconut masala brings with it a spicy and tangy taste.

Fish Curry with Lotus Stems: Up north in the country exists a paradise called Kashmir. This luscious preparation comes from this very paradise. Loaded with whole spices, cinnamon and the warmth of desi ghee, this curry comes with Surmai fish fillets and can give the best curries available in the country a run for their money.

Meen Alleppey Curry: Served with brown rice, this delicacy comes from Kerela. The distinguishing factor in the preparation is that the curry is prepared using Pomfret fillet and raw mangoes.

Bommidayulu Pulusu: This Andhra recipe, a state popular for its food, this curry is made with Bommidayulu or Bullseye Snakehead or Great Snakehead (scientific name: Channa Marulius) found locally in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Not unlike other Hyderabadi cuisines, this cuisine comes packed with a punch of spicy and aromatic ingredients.

Fish Mappas: A typical South Indian preparation gives shape to this mouth-watering curry. Rich in cream, shallots, coconut milk and spices, the curry is served with Appams and is one of the most sought after delicacy for fish lovers.

Hilsa Fish Curry: Known as the ‘queen of fish’, Hilsa is much popular in Bengal and for good reason! Hilsa Fish Curry is known for its unique taste and silvery appeal that makes it a much sought after delicacy in the area.

Here’s the thing with seafood delicacies; they need to be cooked the right way. If you love your seafood, chances are you’d be a good cook or would at least be on your way to become one, eh!

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