The Pricing Dilemma

FishVish has been running a direct marketing campaign in Pune in select areas. These areas were chosen because of their cosmopolitan demographic breakup but also due to the diverse nature of the economic breakup.

I was expecting a fair number of calls asking “why are you so expensive?”. And believe me these calls came in. What knocked me for a loop were the number of callers who thought we were very well priced. Say what?!

Wait, it gets weirder. Those that I would have never imagined buying our products – should I say “from the economically weaker sections of society” – were and continue to be our most prolific shoppers! It was humbling to say the least. Prejudices and biases based on where people live is just so much nonsense.

It’s the so called upper crust that seems to have all the problems with our pricing. “The market is cheaper than you”.

I decided to do a test. What does it cost me to buy 1 Kg of Surmai Steaks / Slices in Pune?

I live in Viman Nagar so I need to first drive out to Dhole Patil Road, it being closer than Shivaji Market. Then I got to find parking and probably will have to pay for that too. Now when I ask for 1 Kg of Surmai Steaks, the fish is weighed in it’s entirety. Then it’s cleaned, skinned and cut into the steaks I want. When I weighed the steaks I was left just about 520 gms! I paid Rs.450 for it and went home.

Here’s the math:

Cost of Fuel: Rs.60 (back and forth from Home 7.5 + 7.5 Kms, 1 litre and I’m being lax with my mileage)

Parking: Rs. 10

Fish Cost: Rs.450

Time/Effort: No idea how to quantify this so wont include this in “money” spent.

520 gms of Surmai has cost me Rs.520 buying it “fresh”.

This can be ordered from FishVish for Rs.450 and you’ll get 500 gms, delivered to your doorstep, fresher than whats available in the market. You don’t even need to have this all in one sitting! Thaw what you need and store the rest in the freezer.

I’m asking myself how is the market cheaper? What are we missing here? Then I got a call from someone in Viman Nagar saying you’re too expensive, I get my Surmai for Rs.400 a kg. I tried to explain the above, but he said go try it yourself. On asking, he said he bought his fish at Ganeshpeth Market.

I was stunned. So, here was someone willing to travel double the distance I traveled, spend at the very least an hour and a half of his day to buy 1 Kg of fish and at the end come home with only 520 gms of it and still tell me I’m more expensive?

Here in lies the pricing dilemma. Well, it was a dilemma until I wrote this out. Now it’s crystal clear. FishVish provides better quality at a competitive if not cheaper price and delivers it home!

No contest.

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