The Beauty & Pain of Food Blogging

I would love to be a food blogger. It just seems to be such a satisfying thing to do. Get some really great produce, do your own inventive little recipe, plate up really well and voila! You going to have yourself a really nice meal. What could be simpler?

Well, as it turns out, nothing is ever that easy.

Spoke to a few food bloggers over the last year or so and they all had two areas of pain – quality ingredients and the uncertainty of ending up with not only a delicious meal but a well presented one at that. All the bloggers I interacted with were not professional chefs but were single minded in their passion for food – cooking, presentation and of course eating.

We’re beginning to see quality ingredients in India now but there is a high cost associated with that given that most of it is imported. There are some exceptions but they’re few and far between. And not always available in every city.

The cooking and presenting is more about learning techniques and then practice and implementation. This is the time consuming and in most cases also expensive part for food bloggers who do their own cooking.

Hats off food bloggers, it’s not easy what you do and I for one really love and enjoy reading the many blogs that I follow.

At Fishvish we’ve had our first blogger experience. Divya Desa has done a Red Snapper in a Lemon Sage Butter Sauce with Garlic Veggies. I was drooling at the sight of it… just wish I was there to taste.

Photo Credit: Diyva Desa

Thanks, Divya.

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