Are There Benefits of Attractive Packaging?

Attractive Food Product PackagingPretty or eye-catching packaging seems to be all the rage today. Everywhere you look, FMCG companies are constantly coming out with great looking packaging. I agree it is important to catch the consumers eye instantly.

The question that gives me trouble is whether this type of packaging really justifies it’s cost? I mean other than catching eyeballs, what is the long term benefit to the seller? More importantly, is there any real benefit to the consumer?

If one can provide packaging that preserves the product as it needs to be and provides all the information that the consumer needs to make an educated decision – should one still increase cost of the product solely for it to look pretty on a market shelf?

Of course I am still talking about the micro, small and medium scale industries here. Lets take Fishvish for example. Fishvish does not retail in shops or stores. It only sells via their website for home deliveries. There are a few walk-ins to the office but they are far and few between.

Product information and any sales pitch thereof is provided on the website or via pamphlet distribution or online via social media platforms. Our consumers already know the product and what it looks like. The question of the packaging catching eyeballs doesn’t arise right?

I don’t believe that Fishvishs’ customers are really interested in how attractive the packaging is!

Yes, the packaging needs to carry all the necessary information such as name of product, weight, packing date, best before date, nutrition facts, storage and thawing information and any do’s and don’ts that maybe necessary. But beyond that… what does the consumer gain by paying more for “pretty packaging”?

Fishvish gives you a freezer capable poly bag that is graded for up to -32°C. The bag itself is transparent so you can see the product in it’s entirety and not just a little window. No hidden surprises inside.

Lets also look at this from Fishvish‘s point of view. It’s a small to medium scale enterprise. Should we spend the kind of money required for pretty packaging instead of spending it on say sourcing new products, ensuring quality of product and delivery, marketing on social media and even promotions?

High V/S Low Packaging Cost
Graph Credit: Bijal Patel

Associated costs go up or down depending on packaging as well. Bottom line – is the customer more worried about product quality and price or how it’s packaged?

I haven’t found the answer nor the justification for it yet, but the quest is far from over.

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