Yield Benefit and more…

Value for Money is a term that is not just about price per kilo. It has so many additional facets to it though price per kilo usually wins the day.

For starters I’ll take Prawns to illustrate Value for Money just for the Price per Kilo facet.

Buying a kilogram of Large Prawns – 30 prawns per Kg – at the “fresh” fish market in Pune today costs between Rs.550 and Rs.650. This is full Prawn – head, shell and all. When the fish monger cleans it for you the weight drops 50% to 500 grams! So, we have essentially bought 1/2 Kg – 30 prawns, cleaned, peeled and de-veined – for Rs.550.

Fishvish sells 1/2 Kg Large Prawns, cleaned peeled and de-veined at Rs. 470, delivered to your doorstep!

That’s Rs.100 saved right there!

Now to the “other” facets of Value for Money.

  • Freshness
    • Fishvish products are cleaned, processed and blast frozen within hours of catch. What you buy in “fresh” market in Pune is at the very least 1 to 2 days old.
  • Quality
    • Blast or Flash Freezing locks in the freshness and moisture of the seafood by dropping the product temperatures down to sub zero levels in a very short span of time. 
  • Shelf Life
    • Due the blast or flash freezing techniques products can be stored for long periods of time if the temperatures are maintained. Fishvish maintains it’s cold storages and freezers at -24° C at all times. Frozen seafood can be kept in such conditions for up to 2 years without loss of quality or freshness. In home freezers we recommend not keeping the product for more than a month though theoretically it can stay for over 6 months.
  • Convenience
    • Pick up the phone or get online to place your order
    • Get it delivered to your doorstep – no traffic, parking problems, time/effort to get to the fish market and back – this list can be endless.
    • Pay COD
The Yield Benefit is plain to see just on the price point and yet there is so much more to it than that.

Bijal Patel

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