Diversification & Growth

Okay so it’s been a touch long in coming but I figure all good things take time.

We’ve been busy! From just 3 products to 35 in the short space of 6 months!

We’ve been traveling all over coastal India to source the best seafood there is. Mahi Mahi, King Fish or Surmai, Blue Crabs, Cuttlefish, Squid or Calamari, Emperor Fish, Red Snapper, Sand Lobster… the list goes on. We’re even offering a fresh water fish now – the Himalayan Trout.

The website is spanking new and is now a responsive design allowing seamless viewing on smart phones and tablets.

Pune has embraced us and I thank all our customers for helping us make this venture not only a viable one but trying a variety of sea food we never thought would garner so much interest. We’ll keep trying to keep the momentum up and adding to the product line up.

The next step is Mumbai to be quickly followed by Delhi.

From being a conservative thinker to one completely sold on the idea of diversification, I believe the sky is the limit now.

So, check out the website and have a feast.

Bijal Patel

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