The Genesis

Is the love of food enough to warrant a foray in to the food business? I believe it is. My wife, Pooja, asked me “why did you and Shumu start this fish business anyway?”

It took me a while to drill it down but it finally came down a singularity: my love of food.

I like to believe that the genesis of Fishvish sits in that statement but it won’t be the whole truth. The idea of Fishvish started 2006-2007.

My friend and now business partner Shumu had started to supply frozen fish products to a few restaurants in Pune. These were establishments owned by friends and the numbers were small so it was more of a hobby than anything else.

Hobby you ask? Well he is bigger foodie than I am and an incredible cook to boot! That was more motivation than he ever needed. However, the demands of his main IT business eventually required his undivided attention and the fish business had to stop.

Sometime late in 2012, I was in Bhubaneshwar on some IT related work and happened to meet some people over drinks and dinner at the Club. One of the guys was talking about how he supplied frozen prawns to a friend of his in Delhi. I egged him on a little and he explained his entire process. My interest was completely piqued!

On my return to Pune, I immediately caught up with Shumu and asked why we shouldn’t start this in Pune. He already had a head start with his experience earlier. Plus, a very close friend of his had helped him out in his earlier venture so we called him and he was more than happy to help us get off the blocks.

 A love of food, a good cook and a chance chat with a stranger in a strange land – I figure genesis is more than apt for this start wot?

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