My Love of Food

I love food. Well… that’s factually incorrect. I love non-vegetarian food to the extent that ‘if it moves I’ll try it at least once’! If it’s beef, pork or any type of sea food I do not need anything else.

Paints a clear picture right?

This love affair with food started early in life what with my mom being a really good cook and my neighbor’s in Bombay being even better. So much so, that my mom was taking cooking classes with Vera Aunty. Meats, jams, Parsi food, Italian, Mexican, Continental, desserts… ok got to stop or I’ll never finish this piece. Indianfood my mom already had a phenomenal handle on. Despite being a vegetarian herself she could make a really mean chicken biryani!

Trips to the US, UK and Germany gave my palate a wider horizon and I was completely hooked to good food.

Over the years, food became more utilitarian and until I chanced upon a show called Yang Can Cook – the early days of Cable Television in India. It stirred some of those feelings that had long been dormant.

Quite a few years later, I chanced upon shows by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. I was suitably inspired to attempt cooking. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn’t. I was still learning back then and that curve has been and continues to be excruciatingly slow.

This love for food has opened up avenues to me today and it’s this love of good food that has inspired me enough to want to be in the food business in some way or the other. This really is the genesis behind Fishvish but I’ll leave the story of Fishvish for my next post, this one is pretty long and ranty as it is.

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